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Girls Recreational Gymnastics

 Ages 6 - 18

The Girls Wings Program has five progressive recreational levels: Red, White, Blue, Silver and Gold. Each level has a list of specific elements and goals for achievement. Our positive coaching staff and lesson plans keep classes progressive, while ensuring a fun and rewarding experience.

Our goal is for each child to experience success and individual accomplishment with each new skill they master. Weekly lessons build confidence through gymnastics on the four Olympic events: Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor as well as trampoline, enhancing flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, and overall body awareness. Through continual evaluation, instructors track each student’s progress in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Parents stay informed through our Jackrabbit portal. 

Introductory Concepts and Development (1¼ hour)
Beginner girls ages 6+

The Red Wings program follows weekly lesson plans centered around having fun while building confidence through various gymnastics skill activities and exercises. Each class focuses on basic concepts, body positions, terminology and early skill development. This class is for girls six years of age and older, without prior gymnastics training.

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Red Wings
(Beginners Ages 6+)

White Wings: Girls Beginner-Intermediate (1½ hour)

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The White Wings program is enjoyable and rewarding beginner level. Classes build on the fundamental concepts mastered in Red Wings. Lessons focus on progressive new skills that build confidence and lay the groundwork for advancing gymnastics. 

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White Wings
(Pre-requisite: Coach recommendation)

Blue Wings: Intermediate (1¾ hour)

The Blue Wings program is an intermediate class for those students who have mastered the strength, flexibility and the fundamental progressions emphasized in the White Wings classes. Challenges through skills, strength and flexibility makes Blue Wings a fun and rewarding experience. 

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Blue Wings
(Pre-requisite: Coach recommendation)

Silver Wings: Advanced (2 hour)

The Silver Wings program is an advanced class that builds a high level of fitness and mastery of recreational gymnastics skills. This level provides a fun and non-competitive curriculum of gymnastics sequences on each event, aerial skills on tramp and advanced strength and flexibility. 

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Silver Wings
(Pre-requisite: Coach recommendation)

Gold Wings: Elite (2 hours / twice a week)

The Gold Wings program is for the advanced gymnast who has mastered the Wings Program progressions. Students will be taught skill sequences on all Olympic events as well as continued ariel work on trampoline. This program will give students introductory competition development with a fun, challenging and non-competitive curriculum. Gold Wings meet twice a week and participation in both classes is required. 

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Gold Wings
(Pre-requisite: Coach recommendation)