Exciting Enrollment Changes! 
Here at MAG, we believe that children should never stop learning! Our curriculum is based on a continuous learning system without a starting or ending point. That is why we are pleased to announce our new open enrollment structure. Students may enroll in or withdraw from any available class at any time throughout the year, and will remain enrolled in class until either the parent chooses to withdraw the child, or the child is invited to advance to the next level. Please contact the MAG Office for more information regarding open enrollment or withdrawal procedures. 

An annual Membership Fee of $35 per student will be charged at the time of registration.

Boys Recreational Classes (Ages 5+)


Boys Level 1
Ages 5+

This Concepts and Development class is an introductory level to gymnastics. Each class follows weekly lesson plans centered around having fun while building confidence through various developmental gymnastics skills. Basic concepts of body positions, terminology and early stages of skill development are taught throughout each class. This class is for boys 6 years of age and older, with no prior gymnastics training. 

Boys Level 1 (Ages 5+)

Boys Level 2 (Ages 5+)

This program is enjoyable and rewarding class for the intermediate gymnast. Classes build on the fundamental concepts mastered in level 1. Lessons focus on progressive new skills that build confidence and lay the groundwork for advanced gymnastics . A minimum level of proficiency should be achieved to ensure a safe, successful and rewarding experience. 

Boys Level 2 (Pre-requisite: Coach recommendation)