July 10, 2017 - September 1, 2017

An annual Registration Fee of $35 per student will be charged upon registering for classes. Enrollment is ongoing and tuition fees will be pro-rated for mid-month enrollments. All students will automatically be dropped at the end of each session. Please contact the MAG Office for mid-session withdrawal procedures. info@maineacademy.com

2017 Summer Preschool Classes (Ages 1-5)

2017 Summer Girls Recreational Classes (Ages 6+)

2017 Summer Boys Recreational Classes (Ages 5+)

2017 Summer Pre-Team Classes (Coach Invite Only- Please call to enroll)

2017 Summer Tumble Class

Tumble class discount passes available - 10 visits $120

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2017 Summer Open Gym (No pre-registration required)

Open gym discount passes available - 10 visits $108

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